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Nathan Poppe: The Man Who Wants To Marry Oklahoma. 2.11.


Pin Chucker, Editor for Look@OKC, ‘Videotographer’, Concert Photographer, ‘America Ninja Warrior,’ and ‘My name is Dave and I like to Party’ are all great ways to describe Nathan Poppe. If there is music in Oklahoma, he is likely there in some capacity. Whether he is writing a piece, taking pictures, making a video, or simply there to enjoy the band, Nathan Poppe is there.

Nathan started out making videos in conjunction with his friends at student newspaper at his university. With them, he made somewhere close to two hundred music videos and really got a feel for making videos. From there he says that he really started making videos by just showing up to events and people kept seeing him show up at events and from there people were impressed by his ability to always be there. He attributes his success to constantly showing up.


“Showing up is 80 percent of life.” – Woody Allen.


Check out some cool pictures that Nathan shot:

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Check out more here:


Nathan makes enamel pins and they are rad. Oklahoma has blow out events where they shut down streets, thousands of people show up, and they are amazingly big ordeals. Nathan saw these huge events, which he loves, but also asked how can he make art on the smallest scale possible. These cute little pins are the bees knees.


Check out more pins here:


Nathan also makes really cool videos:

All in all, Nathan is a great guy with a wealth of written articles to read, pictures to peek at, videos to view, and pins to purchase. Check out his website to learn more about this interesting guy, because I could write all day (very poorly, he is an EDITOR – how intimidating is it to write a blog post FOR AN EDITOR) about him, but you should take the time to check out his webpage.


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