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Was 2016 THAT BAD? – James Nghiem: Comedian, Art Show Curator, and Musician. S2, E9.


The Year 2016 was universally a bad year, if for no other reason the United States Presidential election happened. Early on in that year, I was still hopeful that 2016 was going to be amazing. One huge reason that I felt that the year was going to be great was because of a single event that I attended that made me see how a bunch of people, or in this case artists, come together and amazing things happen. This was an art show all centered around the film director Wes Anderson.


To be honest, I don’t get out of the house much. It’s difficult to get me to go out where I know there is going to be a crowd of people, but what changed my mind was when I started to see teaser images of the art that was going to be on social media. When I got to the venue and began to walk around with a drink in my hand, I was blown away. The art show featured many really cool paintings, sculptures, and outfits made by local artists to show their appreciation and love for the director. From paintings that recreated the look and feel of Wes Andersons posters for his movies to reimaginings of existing films through graphic design work or printed media, people showed their love for Wes Anderson and the vibe in the venue was fantastic. I had no idea who James Nghiem was or why he put the show together, but I loved everything I saw and the artists that worked to put the show together.


That being said James is powerhouse (and he drinks no coffee – my theory is that he is on some other performance enhancing drug due to his body of work). He does comedy shows, curates these amazing art shows, and plays drums in the band The Nghiems with his brother.

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In this episode we talk about James’s time spent making all his artshows from Wes Anderson Artshow to his wildly successful artshow 808 and Solid Snakes – an artshow that combined Kanye West’s style with the stylings of Metal Gear Solid.

We briefly talk about his style of comedy and how he is bringing up more serious topics within the medium of comedy. One of his shows coming up is titled, “So 2016 Wasn’t So Bad.” -Which I adore to no end.

We also talk about his band’s origins and how he and his brother didn’t name the band, instead the first venue they played at gave the band their name and ever since The Nghiems have just ran with it.

All this being said, James is an awesome guy and you should check out his upcoming show in January, Nghiems Fairytales “So 2016 Wasn’t So Bad.”


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