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Joshua Unruh: Writer, Podcaster, and Comic Historian S2, E8


Joshua Unruh: Writer, Podcaster, and Comic Historian.


Here at the Voice of the Artist podcast we are suckers for people with excellent voices, I mean, it’s in our name. In the past we’ve had people that have literal dulcet tones and those who speak through their work and are a little more reserved when they know they are being record. Joshua Unruh has both dulcet tones and speaks through his volumes of work.



With his voice Joshua makes a few different podcasts – seriously they are awesome, check them out – geared towards people who are die hard geeks or of the geek window shopping variety, of which I am the latter. Either camp you ascribe to, these podcasts are for you in the golden age of comic book culture. If this entices you, check out Superhero University. He also does WTF Golden Age? With Read Brave Comics.


His written words also have a distinct voice that is very unique to Joshua. Between himself and his writing partner Daniel Swenson, they blend their voices together to create something amazing. I just subscribed to them on Amazon and I am currently making my way through their first installment of Masks and Mysteries (IT’S GOOD).

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