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Dalton Stuart: Podcaster and Comedian-ish. The Man Who Kind of Made VOTA Pod Possible. S2 E5.


Welcome Back to the Voice of the Artist Podcast!

Today we spoke to Dalton Stuart, a man who has been making podcasts before the podcast frenzie was in the lime light that it lives in today. Along with podcasting he also does stand up comedy with a troupe of comedians called “The Saad Boys.”

Dalton Stuart has been podcasting for over five years with the GoodTrash Network. He and his fellow hosts through their 230 podcast episodes have brought academic analysis to movies like John Carpenter Films, Ghost in the Shell, The Lego Movie, Aliens, Harry Potter, and much more. They do an excellent job pitching their podcast in a very well made video that I made so I am totally unbiased in the matter. Check out that video here under “Support Good Trash!” :

Dalton Stuart started podcasting with the Goodtrash Media Network in 2012 with Dustin Sells and Arthur Gordon about movies that they loved and brought their film studies knowledge to movies that you would never see on the syllabus of a film studies course.

From their flagship show The Goodtrash Genre Cast, he set out to make his own wonderful show, The People’s History of Film. A show dedicated to talking to interesting people about their specific history with film. In the show, they talked to individuals about what movies they remember watching as children and how those movies influenced their childhood and major transitional moments in life. Dalton wanted to know more than just what movies made them laugh and what they turned on in their homes to pass the time, he wanted to know how movies fundamentally changed his guests perception on the world at large due to movies capacity to evoke empathy. I sincerely believe the show did a wonderful job. Sadly, The People’s History is on indefinite hiatus for the time being and I would really love to see this show returned to its former glory.

Dalton speaks a little about what he believes defines a stand up comedian. He speaks very passionately about this, as he does with most things, he says that his personal view of a comedian is a person who steps up to the mic and does their best to be funny at least every other week- anyone who doesn’t do that is a “charlatan.”

I asked what advice Dalton would give to a first time podcaster and he said that he would say stick to what you know and to not try to be someone who you are not. If you are not the host type be sure to have someone that is a host type. If you are not the fun type of person, make sure to have someone on the podcast that is fun. Be true to who you are and be sure to put podcasts out on a schedule. If you are going to commit to a schedule, then stick to schedule. Even though he wasn’t talking directly about this show, we couldn’t help but feel like he was talking about us, considering our recent disappearance.

All in All, Dalton is wonderful guy and you all should definitely check out The Good Trash Genre Cast as well as the Good Trash Media Networks plethora of other shows.


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