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Ben Richardson: Actor, Director, Producer, and Writer. For Every Action There Is A Repercussion. Season 2, Episode 2.


Welcome back to Voice of the Artist Podcast! This is a podcast where we talk shop with fellow artists to dig into their artforms and see how they navigate the narrow road of being unique, hardworking, and well balanced individuals

Ben Richardson is the writer, lead actor, director, and producer for his recent film, Repercussion. Check out his all new trailer for his film here:

Ben is one of the hardest working guys we have ever had the pleasure of interviewing on this podcast and funny enough, he is also one of the most humble. From equally humble origins of starting out as a production assistant, he did not know any of the filmset terminology or etiquette but quickly rose from the bottom to the top of the filmset food chain.

Ben opens up to us about his first time working as a production assistant where he was scolded by his superior when his superior asked for a specific type of equipment. When Ben went to look for it, he had zero idea what he was looking for and brought back the wrong this and was promptly yelled at. Ben’s goal on film sets has been to avoid this very occurrence. He has set out to make sure all people on his film sets are treated with respect and patience- which is impressive when film sets are basically pressure cookers due to all the stress and time constraints.

Ben’s main love is acting. He loves being enveloped in the character and becoming someone else. He loves working with characters that he has never been before. Tom Hanks is his idol and he asks how we move away from the blockbuster, superhero films with very little plot and character development. He mentions David Fincher, Chris Nolan, and Quinton Tarantino as his ideal story tellers.

(Baby Driver is amazing, go see it when you can.)

Ben Richardson is a delightful guest and make sure to follow him and his movie!


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