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Lindsay Fritts’s Voice as an Actress. How to Make Great Films and Fight Sexism in the Film Industry.


Welcome Back Listeners!


After our short hiatus where Ashley and I were filming our proof of concept webseries “The Brunch Super Sluts” and we are excited to be back! We can’t wait to show the art we have made and more important release this awesome episode with the amazing Lindsay Fritts!

Lindsay Fritts is a wonderful actress, former ice skater, and Oklahoma City native. She is currently working on an anthology series called, “MONO” directed by five directors in Oklahoma City (OKC). To hear more about the film check out or in-depth conversation with all five directors on our Season Finale (Episode 20) for Season One.

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Lindsay takes us through her journey as an actress to date, starting from when she started acting in front of her parents as a kid and then making horror films with her brother. She explains a little about how she was shy growing up and knowing that acting was her passion she decided in high school to join the theatre program and really begin the work of being a thespian.


Lindsay went to community college and was in the theatre program there in this specific college’s infant stages and worked to sharpen her skills on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. From this program she was eventually accepted to Loyola Marymount University in California, which is a Top Five theatre school in the nation. She packed up her things and set out for the big city, Los Angeles.


Lindsay recounts her times in Los Angeles both with some fond memories, but mostly with some disdain for general practices within the industry. The population is over saturated with actors and actresses willing to do anything to get a role in a movie that they get lost in a sea of faces. She went there and had some really good experiences, but ultimately due to family being in Oklahoma and how mentally taxing the City of Angels is, she came home to Oklahoma City.


Lindsay tells us that here she has found that the film community is very accepting. There may be fewer people that make films, but everyone is so collaborative and willing to try new things that she prefers the environment here to other places she has been. There is definitely merit to other places, but OKC is special.


Sexism. From razor commercials to wooden characters, Hollywood and the film industry at large just doesnt seem to humanize women at all. Character descriptions at casting calls soley describe physical attributes while their male counterparts are described by merit and personality. Women are used basically as props versus being fully developed characters in the film. How do you combat this blatant sexism on the silver screen? Vote with you dollar. Don’t go see films that use sex to sell the crappy movie. Support films that empower women. Hell, make films that empower women. Here at The Voice of the Artist Podcast we want YOU to make art that changes the world. What’s more impactful than normalizing women as people and not sex objects/damsels in distress? Plus, doesn’t it just get old seeing the same thing on screen time and time again? I know it does for us.

All in all, Lindsay Fritts is an amazing actress that is undoubtedly going to only grow bigger and bigger until the City of Angels begs for her to come back. Maybe they will make her an offer she can’t refuse and hopefully by then, the city will clean up it’s more terrible views on women at large. We look forward to her future with much anticipation.


With much love from everyone here at the Voice of the Artist Podcast, we will see you all next week!




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