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PARTY TIME! -Season Finale Party. Bonus Episode.

Huzzah! We finished our pilot season and had a lot of fun doing it. Thank you all so much for starting out this podcast with us and watching us grow. This episode is dedicated to the various artists that showed up on our little show and helped us sharpen our interview skills and inspire us to become better artists. It’s been so fun, humbling, and enlightening to do this series. For this bonus episode, we opted for a party to close out the season instead of going with the original plan for the winner, where Ashley won gloriously.

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Over the dull roar of the party in the background, we interview previous guests like Cedar Floyd, Caleb Masters, Michaelene Stephenson, Nick Marek, Cait Brasel, Matt Lavoie, Grant McGuffee
and an AMAZING friend of the show, Caleb Haldane from Red Six To Golden Corral. ‘Red Six,’ the podcast where geek culture and nostalgic content is discussed with funny banter between Caleb and his other host, Nick Johnson. Check out their podcast on or wherever you get your podcast.
Shout out to Joshua Unruh, who wrote a fantastic article about many local podcasts including our very own! Check out that article here:…hat-volume-4-2/
What did you think about this season? What would you change? What did you like? Tweet at us @votapod or message us! Feel like writing a more professional letter to us? Email us at
We love you all, see you next season!