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TEAM MONO: How A Project Brought the City Together. Season 1 Finale.


Five Directors, Five Unique Styles, Five Parts, and all in One Film.

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Welcome to final official episode of our pilot season! We’ve made it! If you are sad you won’t be getting more content in between seasons, never fear! We have a bonus episode coming out next week and more of Ashley’s songs between now and July 11th our return date!

(from order of appearence, left to right)
Mickey Reece, John Burton, Laron Chapman, Cait Brasel, and Jacob Leighton Burns.

Today we sat down and spoke to five different people simultaneously to talk about one project that each of them are directing, this film called MONO. (Cait, Laron, and Jacob have all been on previous podcast episode, be sure to check their individual episodes out!)
MONO is a film following the day in the life of their main character played by Lindsay Fritts. Each director is free to do their own style, unique visual flare, dialogue, etc as long as it fits within the arc that the directors have set out to make.
This anthology film quickly brought the greater Oklahoma City Metro together as the directors sent out crew calls all over the state and so very many people showed up to lend a hand and be a part of their crew.

While this film has yet to be shot in it’s entirety, we had fun in this episode talking to each director as they spoke to their influences and what keeps them all going as creators and artists.