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Matt Lavoie: Engineer, Highspeed Photographer, & ‘Maker.’ S1 E18.


Matt Lavoie is a guy who started out wanting to make slow motion videos and through that found a passion for all things creative and working with his hands and his head. Through his ambitions to understand where art and science meet, he’s making some really cool things.

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ART AND SCIENE: Matt Lavoie is a Mad Art-Scientist.

From ‘Infinity Spheres’ to preserving Octopi, Matt Lavoie literally does whatever pops into his head and makes it or bottles it.

By day he is an engineer for an energy company. By night he is a mad artistic-scientist. He sees things that interest him on the internet and challenges himself to creating those things or better things. Creating highspeed photographs in his basement of things blowing up, he started his journey.

He moved from Highspeed Photography to Astro Photography and then to Timelapse Photography and then moved into creating things with his hands.

He began moving into cutting cardboard with lasers to make shapes like a skull that he made. He then began painting each layer of the cardboard with special paint that looks fun underneath a blacklight.

He loves taking care of his various plants and his tarantula. He paints mushrooms for his home. He plays guitar and violin. Where does he get time? Who knows! But this guy literally does everything!

Seriously, this guy makes me want to be something more than just a filmmaker and a podcaster. Hopefully this guy makes you want to do more as well!

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