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Vinton Jeff Bayne: Graphic Designer, Serial Podcaster, and Zine Creator. “The Grand Graphomaniac.” Season 1, Episode 16.


“So… I do a LOT of things… -Have done a lot of things.” -Vinton Jeff Bayne.

^This is quite possibly one of the biggest understatements that we have heard on the podcast thus far. At first, I assumed he would name five or six hobbies that he worked on separately at one point or another. After he began listing the things he has done and are doing, it astounded me. Vinton doesn’t just do one thing, he does many things all at once and so well. I wouldn’t call him just a creator- I’d call him a factory. Just so I don’t butcher what all he’s done and put his journey into mediocre words, I’m just going to quote him verbatim below.


“I played in a Punk Rock Band, I played bass guitar, I did vocals, for about ten years. That was a lot of fun. I’ve played in other bands too, metal bands, folk bands, whatever, but Punk was my main thing that I did.

Growing up I liked to write and draw. I think that came from reading comic books. Reading comic books all you want to do is write stories and draw characters. I published one story in a local publication for Literoti Press that came out once and that was a lot of fun.

I then married a visual artist who does painting and stuff. She is actually doing a painting a mural couple blocks from here.

I went to Graphic Design school and then became the art director and layout designer for an arts magazine here in Oklahoma City. It was called Art Beat. That was a lot of fun and a learning process getting to meet a lot of local artists through doing that.

In college I got into Photography. I got into digital photography and then I got into doing weddings and things like that. It was my career for a year. But I got tired of doing it for money and started picking up film cameras, toy cameras, plastic cameras, and just started doing a lot of experimental film photography and that became a really big hobby of mine.

All of that coalesced in the artwork with my wife. We created the Graphomania Zine, which is a zine that is her artwork, mostly paintings, a lot of sketches, some of her writing- my writing, all of my layout design and my photography to put together this art zine. We have two volumes out and we’re working on a third right now. The second is the thing i’m most proud creating ever. The Graphomania Zine is the place where we got the idea for the Graphomania Podcast. Graphomania is basically disease where you have to write or draw all the time, you have to be putting stuff down on paper. That was kind of the idea behind the zine. I was tired of creating things for myself and I wanted to get things out for other people and stop having ideas in my head and put everything on paper. Just to spill everything out, whether i liked it or not, whether I thought it was complete or not, just keep putting these ideas on paper and put them out there.”


That is a lot to take in.


Vinton current still does a lot of things. Like he mentioned, he does a zine (zine: Zēn / nouninformal / a magazine, especially a fanzine.) that he is working on. It’s called Lost and Found, where he has photo copied things he found working in a bookstore- letters and pictures alike. It’s really cool.


While simultaneously running a podcast network:


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