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Nick Sanford: Filmmaker, Comedian, and Part-Time Pool Boy. Can Comedy Save Us? Season 1, Episode 15.


Louie C.K. opened a recent special on Netflix with an abortion joke. Later, he went on Saturday Night Live and made racially charged joke. Through the power Stand Up Comedians can they or can comedy effect real, lasting change?

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We talk about almost none of that, but a little about that, in this podcast episode.


Nick Sanford is an artist in the Oklahoma City area that has been in the comedy scene here for a while through open mic nights at local watering holes and has made his first feature film recently titled, ‘The Harvesters.’ We talk about a wide variety of hilarious things in this episode, but as always we want to ask, what got this guy started and how did he get to wherever he is today?


How Nick became Nick:

Nick was influenced by the ultimate funny man himself, Jim Carrey. As a small, only child, he watched Jim Carrey and wanted to know what he did and be just like him. You consistent listeners you might think that sounds familiar- Cait Brasel said something very similar on her episode (which is our most listened to episode, check it out).


After being influenced by Mr. Carey he set out to make movies with cousins and then moved to the Director’s Chair and has stayed there ever since. Moving from Short Films, he has just cut his teeth on his first feature film, The Harvesters, he garnered huge support and raised $30,000 for his film.


The Powers and Fatal Flaw of the World Wide Web:

Nick Sanford’s film may have not been made without the advent of the internet and crowd funding. Nick uses this internet constantly to put out interesting material and funny jokes. Yet Nick says he does his utmost to stay off of it. Why? Nick tells us about the pavlovian side effects of getting ‘likes’ and retweets on social media and asks what it really does for us. He tells us about hours wasted and coming to realization that we are all afraid of being bored. When do the best ideas hit you? When you are bored and allow the muse to strike. This seems to be a common theme with creators. We all seem to need social media to broadcast what we do, but ultimately we try to stay away from it as much as possible. It’s an interesting relationship.


How to Make Great Art:

Nick tells us a little about what makes any medium of art great. Substance and Style. From his vantage, you cannot have a masterpiece without both. Some directors *COUGH* -Michael Bay- *COUGH* over use style and make good looking images, but past that second dimension there is nothing. You can have a great story and have a bad looking film and your audience will be disinterested. You have to find that balance between the two.


Comedy. Can it affect real change?

Absolutely and also, No Way. We talk a little about the merits of satire and comedy in many respects is what you bring to it. Your personal baggage is going to skew your perception of the information or the jokes coming at you. A person who is mostly unbias could definitely get a lot more from a comedian if he or she approaches it academically, but that approach is also terrible at a comedy show where hyperbole and sarcasm is rampant. But the nuggets of truth within the hyperbole and sarcasm is what could potentially change an audience member. I guess in summary, comedy has the biggest chance to change the world because everyone loves a good, painful joke.


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