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Grant McGuffee: Musician, Writer, and Barista. Season 1, Episode 14.


Grant McGuffee is a wonderful human being that sees his own projects full completed not only in his head before he lays down a beat or plucks a string, but physically before his eyes, floating in front of him. This skill is something he has been playing with for years and it completely blows me away. This gentleman may be soft spoken, but when he speaks, he has a lot to say and we were more than happy to listen.

Grant’s family has been playing music for generations and somewhere the passion was lost as it was passed down from parent to child, until Grant asked his mother to buy him a guitar and from there he picked up the family skill. Diverging from his families favored genre of music, country music, he began to play experimental music. He gets sounds that we all hear in our every day life and makes those sounds into music for people to consume.

The official name from the music is Musique Concrete, but for me it reminds me of the recent furniture style of ‘reclaimed wood’ furniture. It’s taking something that we all know and is ordinary or even trash and repurposing it for art. It makes us all enjoy the things we take for granted or get nothing out of to make something beautiful. This is not a new concept in this podcast series. In Episode Three with Cedar Micaelah Floyd we talked about her making clothes, paintings, and subsisting off of food found in the garbage. The key difference here is that sounds can’t really be thrown away, rather discarded by our minds.


So, from picking up the family legacy and altering the course of music the McGuffee’s will undoubtedly be known for in the future, Grant has joined a band called Speak, Memory in Oklahoma City, USA. He plays bass guitar and is having fun making music in front of people. Admittedly, publicly playing music is something that Grant has struggled with.


Grant talks a little bit about why he began to put his music online as early as five or six years ago. He used to record music strictly for himself and put it onto harddrives and CDs and a few of his friends got a hold of it. They said that not only was it great, but that he absolutely must put it online for others to hear his material. His music is about living in the post modern age and the sounds we encounter on a daily basis. Buzzing and Humming sounds are what he integrates into his music.


We’ve spoken to a lot of interesting people throughout this first season and Grant is among some of the most fun we’ve spoken to. We look forward to watching his trajectory as he takes his next steps into the public spotlight and gets used to making music not only for himself and his friends, but the world.




Find Grant McGuffee on Facebook under his name Grant L. McGuffee or through his band’s facebook page: Speak, Memory.


Check out Grant’s personal SoundCloud account: