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Caleb Masters: Professional Writer, Podcaster, and Film Critic. The Man Who Talks. Season 1 Episode 12


Caleb Masters is, in many ways, living the dream. He is getting paid to do what he loves on a professional level. Working as a freelance writer he writes for various online publications as well as helped build up the Good Trash Media Network and during last summer he produced over FOUR PODCASTS A WEEK, which is no easy feat. He is a very self-motivated man for the last several years and has built a name for himself, but as always, we want to know the lead up and trends to his success.

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Caleb too grew up in an evangelical house in middle america where he was restricted from certain types of content until the age of thirteen. At that point he started watching movies and thought provoking literature that led way to conversations about these pieces and what they mean to us and how they might reflect society.

Having nothing to do in the small town he grew up in other than watching movies in the small cineplex in his town he would watch a movie and then dissect it in the parking lot with his friends afterwards. From this time onward Caleb used this practice to garner an analytical eye and ear for not only what the film was saying but how it says it. From classics to the bleeding edge of cinema, Caleb consumed all his senses could collect.

Moving from his small town to an equally small evangelical college in Oklahoma City, he began to challenge himself through his hobbies. Whether watching movies or playing video games, he wanted something to show for his time investments and wanted to start a blog, or a review show, or eventually a podcast- but we will get there.


All around him during his college years, in his tiny university, people were focused on a set career or getting married, having kids, becoming a pastor, and their priorities were there and had interests outside of that, but that’s where their focus was. Caleb moved away from that and chose to set his sights on different goals like podcasting and talking to people outside of the established “bubble” within his university.


Beginning his first blog in 2010 he started to review movies through ‘Masters Film Review’ which was a huge hit- not very many people were putting the time into reviewing movies back then via blogs. From there his articles began to get picked up by online publications.


Podcasts became a natural extension from writing. Creating a show on campus of three guys reviewing movies, which evolved into his current show, “The Cast Beyond the Wall” which reviews each episode from the hit tv series, Game of Thrones. He also hosts Back to the Movies, a movie review show that digs into the movies currently in your local cineplex. He cohosts “The Good Trash GenreCast,” a movie analysis podcast that covers movies that would never be on the syllabus of a film studies course, like Diehard, Terminator 2, or Point Break. All this to say, Caleb works hard.



Caleb Endorsed:

Samurai Jack: The new season is out and you all should go watch it.

The Left Overs: The new season is coming out and many of you will enjoy it.

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‘Talkies’ by Planet Thunder. Interviewing Interesting People who do Interesting Things.


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