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Alexandra Bohannon: Podcaster, Actress, & Film-Set Swiss Army Knife. (Plumbus?)Season 1 Episode 11


Alexandra Bohannon: A force to be reckoned with. From Podcasting, to acting, to being anything a person could possibly need on a film set, Alexandra is quickly rising up as a master of all she sets her mind to.

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As we like to, we started out this episode by asking what each of us are endorsing.

Daniel started out by endorsing Red Six To Golden Corral, a local Oklahoma City Podcast that is not only amazing, but Daniel was recently on to talk about the recent smash-hit film, Logan.  Check out that episode on their website (

Ashley as always had a very strong and strange endorsement of the god of the underworld, Anubis. She recently got coffee with him and talked about the ups and down of ruling what most would call these days as, “Hell.”

Lastly, and most importantly Alexandra endorsed three things. First of course is the podcast network that she is on,, where the main show called The Good Trash Genrecast where they break down analytically movies that never really come under any great scrutiny like Point Break, Diehard, Roadhouse, etc. The next thing she endorsed is a video game called “Undertale” she calls it one of the most ‘feelsy’ she has ever felt in a game. She says if you like earthbound or early nintendo games, you’ll like it. It’s on PC or Mac via Steam. Lastly, she endorsed Star Trek Deep Space 9. She says it’s everything that makes Star Trek great with the added benefit of Star Wars-esk battles with geo-politicing that you would get from the Netflix series House of Cards.

SPONSORED BY (kind of):

Alexandra started out as an artist at the age of three years old. She started out in the spotlight with a single line of dialogue, but that introduced her to theater and from there, it was off to the races.

Alexandra was an actress all the way up until college where she then moved in the more technical aspects of theater. Lighting, sound, etc, she began to master the behind-the-scenes and unseen parts of theater which can in many ways strongly mirror film sets.

While doing Theater Tech in college she had a few classes with her friend Dustin Sells, the main host of the Good Trash Genre Cast who was in college getting his Masters Degree. After her presentation at a conference about Harry Potter, Dustin decided that he would invite her on the show. She accepted and then began thinking more analytically about films from then on.

Moving ‘further down the rabbit hole’ we talk about what got her into her most recent role as Film-Set Swiss Army Knife. On independent films that don’t have much money everyone is more or less forced to wear multiple hats, Alexandra does this and wears more hats than most. Alexandra got into this from her partner, Zachary Burns, she dabbled in it because of him and then people saw the quality of her work and started calling her independently of him for work. This is point of contention with her that she still struggles with it. Even though she works hard on films that she works on she still is seen by the man that she is with, through no fault of Zachary or through her advertising that she is with him, but rather it’s a weird cultural perception that if you are dating a filmmaker that you are essentially riding the coat tails of the filmmaker, rather than being seen by the merit of your work.

Alexandra is working towards making a few films of her own. She is working hard on writing scripts close to her experience as a female and looking from perspectives not often show in films. We are waiting to see not only where she goes, but are enthusiastically watching the amazing work she is doing now.

You can find Alexandra through many avenues. You can find her @alexVbrohannon on instagram and twitter. You can find her on Letterboxed as alexvbooks. You can also find her on where she and her cohosts talk movies all the time.

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