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Cait Brasel: Thespian, Freelancer, and Filmmaker. Is There An OKC Blacklist? Season 1, Episode 9.


Welcome Back!
In the top of the episode we talk a little bit about what this show is- It is a show that attempts to illuminate artists from artforms from all over the place to get different perspectives that help us make better art.
In this episode we get to know Cait Brasel, a wonderful artist in the OKC area. She acts professionally, she films things like music videos, commercials, documentaries, narrative features, etc etc.

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Diving into her past as a filmmaker we talk a little bit about what- or in this instance who- got her into art. This person being Jim Carey. Jim Carey influenced Cait at an early age as she saw him in a film and loved what he was doing and she asked her parents ‘what he did’- asking what he did as profession. Not understanding what she meant, they said that he was ‘a stand up comedian,’ while true that he was a stand up comedian, she later came to realize that acting was what she wanted to do and she gravitated towards being a thespian from that moment on.

Cait went to college in Oklahoma to be an actor and then moved into the Moving Arts courses in her local college. She studied what it took to be a filmmaker and freelancer and then jumped right in and ever since she has been making herself and others look larger than life on the big screen.

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We asked Cait what she feels is the most important thing as an artist to have. She responded by saying that moving through the dark times whether it be personal or financial is key. Understanding that good times are on the horizon and making your way through your struggles is key to surviving in this business.

Cait touches on ‘The OKC Blacklist’ this is applicable to those who are casting for bigger movies in the OKC area. Some people are not fairly considered for some arbitrary reasons. Doing some digging of our own we have heard others say that this list is real. For instance, a nameless actor said that he wasn’t even considered for these roles while going through the normal channels- bypassing these channels and going straight to these filmmakers he found that he easily got the role. Begging the question are people simply not giving other actors a chance? The possible solution is that to avoid this problem new ‘gate keepers’ need to be added to these channels.

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