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Jacob Leighton Burns: A Director, Cinematographer, and True Cinephile. Episode Season 1, Episode 8


Director, Cinematographer, Cinephile- These are a few words that only begin to capture the nature and passion of Jacob Leighton Burns.
Describing Jacob feels cheap behind a keyboard because his voice is in this podcast and on the screen.

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Jacob jumps right into the podcast by telling us about his very successful tour with his recent feature, ‘Electric Nostalgia.’ The film was similtaneously accepted to three film festivals, which ALL played the film the same week in different states within the U.S.A. -A huge feat for his first ever feature film.

Jacob’s love for films has been a long time in the making, starting with his father introducing him and his brother, Zachary Burns (a future guest of the podcast), to the wonderful world of classic films. Watching movies of Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, and Sir Alfred Hitchcock molded his mind growing up and would lead him to boldly declare to his third grade teacher that one day he would become a film director.

Daniel starts off the first of his questions by asking what keeps Jacob motivated as he progresses as a filmmaker.

Jacob responds by saying that the learning process is what keeps him moving. He is always adjusting and reworking his style and seeing how other cinematographers light a scene or how directors interact with their talent is something he takes into consideration as he moves forward into his career.

Daniel moves further into the questions by asking what challenges Jacob even though in his local area, he is one of the better know and greater directors. It’s easy to become stagnant when you are on top. What challenges him to do better and great?

Jacob responds by saying that the amazing directors of the past and trying to contribute to movies as an artform is what pushes him forward. He wants to push himself out of his comfort zone and how can he move the artform forward.

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