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Michaelene Stephenson: Actress, Model, and Queen of the Internet. Season 1, Episode 7.


Michaelene Stephenson is a thespian, model, and Queen of the Internet- don’t worry, she wields her power with great poise.

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Starting out her acting career seemed to be heaven sent. Not only did every person she encountered tell her that she was a shoe-in for the life of an actress, but everyone kept pointing her to one door. The Actor Factory in Norman Oklahoma. A place well known for producing amazing actors and actresses and sending them to big cities like Seattle, New York, Atlanta, and of course- Los Angeles.

Taking up fate’s call, she set out to become a wonderful actress in a growing market in Oklahoma City.
She tells us in the podcast that she is getting back into modeling slowly.
The internet Queen is purely from everything that both Ashley and I, Daniel, have seen of her. Without missing a beat, she is able to talk to her ever-growing army of fans and tell them about an event or how her day is going. From the mundane to the extraordinary there always is conversation to be had. She is a delight to talk to.

Daniel asked Michaelene, “How important is it for an actor to have a social media following, in your opinion?”
Michaelene spoke to us about the idea of Following VS Merit. You can have amazing talent and a great social media following, but that is best case scenario and not usually the case. It is a case by case basis where casting agents and directors look at an actors audition versus their fan base. It’s tough. Directors should go for who is the most qualified to become the character, but unfortunately it’s tempting for them to cast someone who will fill seats in the theatre.

Ashley asked Michaelene about her thoughts on Type Casting. Whether Type Casting is a good thing or a bad thing.
Michaelene responded saying that she is typically type casted as a ‘hot girl’ and it’s difficult to see herself as a hot girl, because she doesnt see herself that way.
She admits that film is a visual medium and how they see you is what people attribute characters you to. Embracing the type casting is important so that you can get roles. It’s good to stretch yourself and audition for roles outside of that realm, but embracing your on screen identity is best.

Daniel asked Michaelene as to why she continues to stay in Oklahoma. Basically it comes down to cost of living and ability to act. She says that she is comfortable here and has opportunities to act here. In L.A. or a big city, she would be struggling to survive and not be able to act, versus working three days a week and being able to act the rest of the time.
In Oklahoma everyone is so ready to allow you to shoot in their homes, restaurants, or buildings. We love the arts and you are appreciated for what you do.

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