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Mark Johns – Cinematographer, Nomad, and Veteran. Season 1, Episode 6.


Mark Earl Johns is on the podcast this week, entertaining us with his back story and his lovely voice. By far this is my favorite podcast to date for back stories because he is so blunt and genuine with what set him on his winding path to the film industry.

In today’s episode we get into the hairy political topic of Squirrel Rights. Everyone around the table are strongly pro-Squirrel Rights and we swerve and do our best to protect the fragile creatures that are squirrels.

Mark Johns is originally from Marlow, Oklahoma, small town forty-five minutes southwest of Oklahoma City. In his early twenties he joined up with the navy and integrated himself into the I.T. department for the government. After making an egregious amount of money he chose to move to Los Angeles and then eventually to Seattle, which is where he currently resides.

Even though he loves the big city vibes, Oklahoma City is becoming something of a small filmmaking community and Mark is considering returning here for his ‘Vision Quest.’ Art has been steadily trickling into Oklahoma City and since 2015 the art scene has been growing exponentially and we are all looking at some of the future major local artists rise. Mark loves the community here and it’s really becoming something. We hope he will come back and join us as we build a better art scene!




Mark Johns endorsed Grieves, an american hip-hop artist based in Seattle, where John is from.

Check out his work on his website, or YouTube or wherever you get your media from.


Daniel Aaron Austin endorsed the podcast ‘Presidential’ which is a podcast that goes back over the history of the United States presidents and looks at the good and the bad that the president’s did in their time in office and what they did for the nation. Check out Presidential on





Ashley Mandanas endorsed Alvvays, the Canadian Indie/Pop band based in Toronto, Canada.

Find them on SoundCloud:




Mark Johns is recluse who just recently got back on Facebook. If you can find him, shoot him a message and let him know who you are and if he likes you, maybe he’ll friend you.

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