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Season One Episode Four: Chase Durrett- Thespian, Disk Jockey, Dog Dad- And Much More!

Welcome Back Listeners!

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We hope you made or viewed some fantastic art this weekend. Let’s dive into the podcast!

This week we interview Chase Durrett. An attractive, talented gentleman that was roped into the podcast through Ashley Mandanas, one of our two lovely hosts. Chase and Ashley go to the University of Oklahoma  together and naturally Ashley asked this driven man on the show.


The Endorsement Segment (which we will perfect one day very soon!) Chase wanted to endorse Zach Little, which if you want to know more about Zach check out Episode One of the Voice of the Artist Podcast. The other gent that Chase wanted to endorse was Julian Socha- Who is an artist we are trying to get on the podcast, there are a lot of scheduling conflicts- who does a lot of interesting art such as carving almonds. Who has ever heard of carving almonds?! I would say ‘that’s nuts!’ but that’s a little too cheesy for my taste. But I can say whatever I want! Who actually reads that show notes? – Seriously, message me if you are reading these things. Chase Bradshaw is the last of his endorsements… He had a mullet and is an artist. What a novelty.

Seriously, I will master this segment by Episode Ten.


Dog Dad (the most important goes first), Disk Jockey, Thespian, Singer, Painter, Doodler- My fingers are starting to get tired from all this typing. Why else would my fingers get tired? Pervert. Okay, I need not to write these show notes after a couple beers. IM SO BEHIND! I WAS MOVING. IT’S A STRESSFUL TIME IN MY LIFE.

-Okay back to Chase.


Chase started his journey as a thespian in the sixth grade for the ladies. But the women didn’t make him stay and they actually made him want to leave, but he decided this was his path and he loves it. He is in the school of drama at the University of Oklahoma.


He started his DJ career under the name ‘DJ Spice Cheetah’ but eventually he changed his name to DJ Space Cheetah. Which sounds super trippy and I appreciate the name. But no one asked me. *Sips water like Kermit from the Meme*


Delving a little into the acting side of things Chase talks a little about how he dives into his character. He says that it’s basically about performing tasks in a human way. It’s very simple from his perspective and I wish I had the raw talent that he has.


We talk a bit in this episode about ENERGY. We have a bit of an obsession with this idea. It’s what moves us, improves our mood, and inspires our creations. Energy is quite possibly the most important topic these season. We might bring it up a few more times. Expect it.
Art is the way artists speak. It’s purest expression of their unique visual or auditory voice. We bring this up time and time again in the podcast and it’s so important to what we are doing here.

The Closing Track is an unmastered sample of DJ Space Cheetah’s Song: ‘Feel Good.’


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