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Season 1 Episode 3: Cedar Micaelah Floyd – Poet, Freegan, Dancer, Musician – Artist Extraordinaire.

In this episode we talk to Cedar Micaelah Floyd, a person with so many artist talents that we condensed it down in our title. She admits in the beginning of this episode that she has many passions and the few that she names is ‘just the tip of the iceberg.’

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In this episode we also introduce a new segment where we endorse artists, bands, or just things we enjoy that may or may not be artsy, because why not?

Our Host, Daniel Aaron Austin, endorsed the Oklahoma City band The So Help Me’s. They are an amazing existential rock band that will knock your socks off! Be sure to check out their E.P. ‘Relativity’ on any major music platform.

Our Host, Ashley Mandanas, endorsed our friends over at because they are brilliant people with several shows that are bound to speak to your sensibilities. Both Ashley and Daniel have been guests on their show The People’s History of Film hosted by Dalton Stewart. Be sure to check out their podcast via their website or any major podcasting platform.

Lastly, our wonderful guest, Cedar, endorsed a few different things. Cedar is a part of the Enter Lewd Troupe in Oklahoma City that plays at The Root on the first friday of every month and apparently women on their periods get in free, so take advantage if that applies to you!

Cedar also endorsed a local band named Biscuits and Groovy, which has yet to release anything, but will soon and we will keep you all updated with these show notes!

Being the wonderful poet that Cedar is, she wrote a poem for her bicycle named Cornelius, the prince of the fairies. She didn’t read this poem on the podcast, but trust me when we say that it is nothing short of whimsical- just like her.

Vocalist, musician, poet- these things just touch the tip of the iceberg. She grew up in a very artistic household. Her father was an art teacher at Red Rock Community College in Colorado and her siblings also used art to express themselves so this is a language that she carries today to show her individuality and better communicate with others.


She is also a Freegan, which the official definition of which is ” a person who rejects consumerism and seeks to help the environment by reducing waste, especially by retrieving and using discarded food and other goods.”

She describes her personal relationship with Freeganism as her subsisting off of the trash when so much good stuff is going to waste. She eats from the trash, hangs around trashcan, and makes award winning art from trash. She describes trashcans as a safe place. She says that art is much more accessible through rubbish. Art can be made from anything- including garbage, which she does.


Cedar is also a writer, not only for her poetry, but in both narrative and non-narrative writing. She is interested in journalism, but she admits that she is not a fan of deadlines. She worked with University of Oklahoma Daily’s Newspaper to explore this journalistic itch.


She is a part of the band Tyrannocat which music video premiered at the RedBud Film Festival at the University of Oklahoma. Although the band is a little on the rocks since Cedar lives off the grid and had a rough last year, we are hoping that they return to our lives and ears.


She is a dancer and describes her form of dancing akin to belly dancing, but it’s unfair to call it belly dancing because her dancing is appropriated, but not in it’s ancient form. She describes this form of dancing being stripped from his essence like how people use Yoga to exercise rather than it’s religious entanglements.

EPISODE PHOTO CREDIT: HOLLI WOULD – Great name by the way.


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