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Season 1 Episode 2: Lauren Bumgarner – Choreographer and Filmmaker

In this episode we interview yet another amazing, young creator. Lauren Bumgarner is a choreographer and filmmaker which in her films go hand in hand. Whether she is making her films like, “They Think We’re Nuclear” to “You Won’t Drown” (links further down in the show notes) she is pushing the bounds of Art, Experimental, and Dance films in OKC.

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Diving into her driven lifestyle we talk about her being the President of the University of Oklahoma’s Student Film Production Club and her want to bring the styles of film making within the university together.

Lauren is accidentally graduating early, which is crazy! Who graduates early? She has been taking 19+ hours of school just because she is passionate about filmmaking and didnt notice her crazy workload. She is very humble about her drive to succeed.

Lauren is back from an internship that she had in New York City. She randomly found an internship through a 16mm film distributor (Mono No Aware) that was advertising an internship as she was shopping for film. She read the information on the website and had to have an it through shear perseverance and a lot of emails she got the internship.

We talk to Lauren about her internship with Mono No Aware, a 501c3 company that is non-profit. It’s located in Brooklyn and this teaches people how to shoot 16mm film and hand process the film. Her job in this internship was to keep things organized in their schedule.

Lauren touched on the ‘New York City Experience.’ She spoke about how she began by saving every cent she had to go. She had to not spend money on throw pillows at Target for over a year. Getting to NYC she spent everything she had and went alone. She says that being alone she felt empowered and excited.
She explored NYC any free time she had after she was done with her internship shifts that were a minimum of 12 hours everyday.
After a while she says that loneliness finally hit her along with a mountain of stress. This forced her inside of her apartment and instead of going on spontaneous train rides to explore the city, she opted to stay in and watch movies online.
She felt trapped.
Leaving the city was a breath of fresh air and looking back she loves the city but she knows that if she was to go back she would need people in her life.

Debunking the theory that everyone outside of the south and rural areas are assholes, we delve into the shared idea that we have that people in the city aren’t rude, rather they are short because they are all very busy.
Lauren talks to us about the drastic difference in pace between Oklahoma City and NYC. She says that she was moving at 10x the pace that she was before she went to NYC. She began to take everything more seriously and began taking the OU Film Production Club and began submitting drafts to alter the club and getting her studies done faster in her classes. She says that she was given energy and took it from NYC.

We speak about the power of Energy. Energy in a room or place effects everything. Energy from people, lighting, or from music changes the energy within us. This energy is put into all creations that we make from movies, scripts, or painting. Energy is key player in our art and our creations.

Lauren is also doing an art installation at the Individual Artists of Oklahoma gallery. She is focusing on girls her age (21 years old) and also girls from 8-13 years old about they feel distress and peace. This is a dance, music, and film piece from her that is so very ‘Lauren.’

Pools to Bathe In:
They Think We’re Nuclear:
You Won’t Drown:

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