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Pilot Episode, Episode ZERO: Get Excited! Why We Are Here and What We Are All About.

Welcome, Listeners!
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This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship and we are so excited to be in your ears!

In this episode we talk about who we are, Ashley Mandanas and Daniel Aaron Austin, as hosts and as artists.

Why we are we doing this podcast?

  1. We want to get a better sense of what art is out there and how it is different and compliments our own craft(s).
  2. We want to get perspective and understand other types of art.
  3. We want to build other artists up and use this platform to advertise different artists both local to us (in Oklahoma City), nationally, and internationally.
  4. To see how weird Ashley Mandanas can get during her intros. (Trust me they get interesting as the podcast goes on.)
  5. We want to hear artists stories! As Ashley says in this episode, we want to hear some weird stories about how artists rise!
  6. We want to talk to you listeners and get a feel for podcasting. Feedback is so important, so if you like something or  hate something- TWEET US! @VOTApod.

Who Are The Hosts?

Ashley Mandanas admits in this episode that she always had a hard time conforming and was always outspoken. She then sang for her wonderful parents and her parents put her in voice lessons after seeing her amazing talents. After some voice lessons the B.B.C. picked her up for a television show because she was an opera singing eleven year old. In this TV Series they gave her a camera and she carried it around and they put that on the air!

From there she went to highschool and pursued her dreams. From there she went to the University of Oklahoma and is in the Musical Theatre Program there and is soon to graduate and take on the world!


I, Daniel Aaron Austin, come from a deeply religious household. While living there I went to several Christian schools where I was an outspoken kid that eventually found my place in their tiny drama program. After finding out that there are no ‘juicy roles’ in a religious school, I begged my parents to let me go to public school, which they conceded to when I reminded them that it costs $15,000 a kid in private school.

So, I went to public school and fell in love with acting and then had the crazy idea of starting a webseries online, because in 2010 they were all the rage. I bought a camera, fell in love with shooting movies rather than acting and then became a filmmaker! Since then I have made several short films and a few have gone on to win awards and get accepted into local film festivals. It’s been fun learning about art, but I want to dig more into artists and ask them questions that were already interview-like by nature. So why not record the questions and answers and put them into a podcast?